6.4b bugfixes (already)

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6.4b bugfixes (already)

Hi Vimmers!

6.4b.001 binaries are available; but maybe you don't need them!

The difference between 6.4a and 6.4b was in makefiles, in order to make
sure that Vim compiled OK on Unix.

Patch 6.4b.001 corrects an oversight: Vim 6.4b.000 displayed "version
6.4a" (instead of 6.4b) in the ":version" listing.

So, if you already have 6.4a, there is (AFAIK) no change in
functionality with these new binaries.

If you don't have 6.4a (and want to try 6.4, which is at the BETA
[tryout] stage), you can get a full 6.4a distribution from

Then if you want to brag about using the latest release and bugfix, or
if you want "debug builds" of the 6.4 executables, you can get them on
my "vim" page http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/vim/ (under 'My
"changes" distro'). See there too for more details, including ":version"

*Note:* if you want to install these binaries over a 6.4a distribution
(I don't yet see an "official" 6.4b distribution for Windows) you will
have to rename your runtime directory (usually "C:\Program
Files\Vim\vim64a") from vim64a to vim64b.

Happy Vimming!