ANN: 6.3.086 for W32 is available

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ANN: 6.3.086 for W32 is available

Hi Vimmers!

Vim 6.3.086 for W32 is available. Don't rush: the only differences from
6.3.085 are in the Russian message translations. If your Vim messages aren't
displayed in Russian, you can safely skip this patchlevel.

Vim 7.00aa.0118 for W32 is in the process of being uploaded; it will be
available within a few minutes. Remember: Vim 7 is still at the "alpha"
stage: NO warranty.

For more details, see and
follow the links: 'My "changes" distro' (6.3) and 'The experimental Vim 7'
(7.00aa). Read the text _before_ downloading (or instead of it).

Happy Vimming!