ANN: 6.3.090 and 7.0aa.0152 for W32

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ANN: 6.3.090 and 7.0aa.0152 for W32

Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> Patch 6.3.090
> Problem:    A very big value for 'columns' or 'lines' may cause a crash.
> Solution:   Limit the values to 10000 and 1000.
> Files:    src/option.c

6.3.090 and 7.0aa.0152 executables for W32 are now available, see
-> My "changes" distro (6.3)
and/or -> The "experimental" Vim 7 (7.0aa)

Read the text before you decide to download.

- 4 builds of each version:
        - vim.exe (console version)
        - gvim.exe (GUI+OLE version)
        - vimd.exe (console version with debugging information)
        - gvimd.exe (GUI+OLE version with debugging information)
- It is possible to install all 4 builds of both versions with only
minimal hassle, and run any of them in parallel with no interference.
- BIG features; the v7 debug versions include HUGE features (i.e., with
- Includes dynamic support for perl, python, ruby, TCL and (v7 only)

Happy Vimming!