ANN: New version of the taglist plugin

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ANN: New version of the taglist plugin

Yegappan Lakshmanan-2
Hi all,

I have uploaded the second beta version (4.0) of the taglist plugin to
the Vim online website. You can download it from:

The taglist plugin is a source code browser plugin for Vim.  For more
information about this plugin visit:

The following changes are made in this version:

1. Added the TlistAddFiles command to add multiple files to the taglist
   window without opening them.
2. Maintain the taglist window width and height across Vim window layout
3. Restore the Vim window location after the taglist window is closed.
4. Use a simpler regular expression for parsing tags output.
5. When a closed fold is selected in the taglist window, open the fold
   and jump to the file.
6. When the Tlist_Auto_Open variable is set, open the taglist window
   only when a supported type of file is opened.
7. When displaying tags for a single file, center the current tag line
   when opening a file.
8. When jumping to a tag, add the previous location to the jump list.
9. Fix the problem with recording timestamps in the debug messages on
10. Set the ' mark when jumping to a selected tag.

Let me know, if you see any issues/problems in using this version of the
taglist plugin.

- Yegappan

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