[ANN] Plugin: MarkdownCopy : A simple plugin for copying markdown text as HTML

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[ANN] Plugin: MarkdownCopy : A simple plugin for copying markdown text as HTML

A. S. Budden
Hello Vimmers,

Yesterday I created a plugin called MarkdownCopy to allow me to write
Outlook emails in Vim with Markdown text formatting, so I thought I'd
share it.  It doesn't have to be used with Outlook - any application
that allows pasting of HTML formatted text will work.

To use, write some markdown in Vim, type :CopyToClipboardAsHtml, then
go to Outlook (or whatever) and hit Ctrl-V.

It requires a python-enabled Vim (> 8.0.254 as I used :pyx) and also
requires an external tool for markdown-to-html conversion.  I use the
excellent https://pandoc.org, but in theory it should work with any
other tool (although other tools will require configuration whereas if
pandoc is in your path it'll work out of the box - see the
documentation for info).

Vim script page: https://vim.sourceforge.io/scripts/script.php?script_id=5606

Source repository: https://bitbucket.org/abudden/vim-markdowncopy

Hope it's of use to someone; comments, pull requests, abuse etc on a
postcard to the usual address...


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