ANN: VST 1.0-beta15

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ANN: VST 1.0-beta15

Mikołaj Machowski

Vim7 required.

Changelog from beta14:

- 23 Aug 2005 - **1.0-beta14** announcement

  - ADD: project file vstrc
  - ADD: Vsti command for instant saving of file without messing with
  - FIX: some standalone hyperlinks were not properly detected
  - FIX: unnecessary error message when image of image or figure directive
    didn't exist
  - FIX: g:vst_tex_preamble was inserting input command without backslash
  - FIX: remove single backslash only before possible enumerators (fixes
    latex directive)

VST is script which makes possible to export text files with simple markup
HTML or LaTeX format. Script doesn't require any external dependency and
work on any platform Vim7 is available. VST is implementation of

Supported elements of inline markup:

- emphasised text (italic)
- strongly emphasised text (bold)
- hyperlinks (in various syntax forms)
- custom decorations (among them: sub, sup, big, small)

Elements of documents structure:

- paragraphs
- block quotes
- ordered lists
- unordered lists
- option lists
- footnotes
- citations
- images
- preformatted text
- colorized preformatted text (HTML export only)
- tables
- admonitions
- table of contents

Also bunch of auxiliary commands which should ease writing of document and
navigating (folding, text table of contents, lists or declared links,

Latest version of script:

Help file in text form:

Following versions of help file was produced without any modifications to
or LaTeX source:


LaTeX file exported from vst.txt:

PDF file produced from vst.tex:

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Re: ANN: VST 1.0-beta15

François Pinard
[Mikolaj Machowski]

> VST is implementation of reStructuredText.

Is it for real now?  The last time I looked at VST, it was more looking
like a branching out of reStructuredText, at least on many points.  That
is why I put VST aside at the time.

reStructuredText (and VST surely) are quite interesting, such projects
require a great deal of effort.  Diverging implementations could
trigger new ideas and provide ways to explore them, but only given such
divergence is not planned to last for long, and the overall spirit
is actively oriented towards collaboration with the reStructuredText
mainstream.  This, in particular, implies the capability of giving up on
ideas that are not going to be accepted, instead of pushing them further
or making them permanent on an individual, non-caring basis.  Otherwise,
the reStructuredText project may be weakened more than helped by VST.

For me at least, VST will only be interesting if it is a real
implementation of the real reStructuredText, using exactly its
specifications, and offering the same capabilities, the same way.  Even
extensions might do more harm than good for the overall project, as it
would be an open invitation to break inter-operability.

Fran?ois Pinard
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Re: ANN: VST 1.0-beta15

Mikołaj Machowski
Dnia ?roda, 7 wrze?nia 2005 23:09, Fran?ois Pinard napisa?:
> [Mikolaj Machowski]
> > VST is implementation of reStructuredText.
> Is it for real now?  

Yes. At the moment the only major difference are simple tables and
simpler support for footnotes/labels.