ANN: VST1.0-beta13

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ANN: VST1.0-beta13

Mikołaj Machowski

Vim7 required.

Vim reStructured Text (VST) is a simple format of file
which allows to create HTML and LaTeX document in
What You See Is What You Mean mode.

Changelog from beta12:

- 8 Aug 2005 - **1.0-beta12** announcement

    - ADD: support for Compound_ directive
    - ADD: support for `indirect links`_
    - ADD: roman and Roman numerating of lists
    - ADD: [LaTeX] starting not only from 1/a/A/i/I
    - ADD: possibility to describe header/footer
    - CHG: reST compatible image replacement directive (`inline images`_)
    - FIX: broken support for embedded URIs when protocol name was included

Features (among others):

- Headers (with subtitles)
- Simple paragraphs
- Blockquotes
- Tables
- Ordered lists
- Unordered lists
- Definition lists
- Field lists
- Option lists
- Links
- Images
- Footnotes
- Preformatted text
- Frames with special notes
- In HTML export use of 2html.vim to produce color output

Vst script file:

Help file:

Help file exported to HTML:

Help file exported to LaTeX:

Vst.tex processed with pdflatex: