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ANN: YankRing 20.0

David Fishburn-2
YankRing.vim : Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes 

What does it do? 

Inspired by the Emacs kill ring.

Allows you to retrieve previous yanks, deletes and changed text and 
cycle through them choosing which item you need.  It also works across 
Vim instances so they all see the same history.  Useful for sharing 
text across instances, including when using Screen in *nix. 

For a more descriptive write up, please see the web page. 

Thanks for everyone's feedback so far. 
If you do try the plugin and find things that bother you, please send 
me an email. 

What is new? 

 NF: YankRing uses new Vim 8.1 TextYankPost event which allows the removal of quite a few normal mode maps.

NF: All YankRing maps now use <unique>.  If a mapping already exists Vim will report an error.  Now the user will know if there are conflicts. (tenfyzhong, pull #12)

NF: New option g:yankring_paste_visual_reset_default_register default(0).  When in visual mode and we are pasting text from the default register, the default register gets replaced with the overwritten text.  This option will put the contents that were just pasted back into the default register.  This will allow you to paste multiple times in visual mode without having to use the YankRing replace feature.   

As usual, feedback good and bad is always welcome. 


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