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ANN: dbext 14.0

David Fishburn-2

What is it?
dbext.vim : Provides database access to most databases.

This plugin contains functions/mappings/commands to enable Vim to
access several databases. Currently Mysql, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Oracle,
Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise,
Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, RDB and Interbase are supported.  If you
have a Perl enabled Vim, it also allows database connections via DBI
and ODBC.

It abstracts database access, so the same Vim commands will produce
the same output regardless of the database you use.

What is new in 14.00?

New Features
- Added support for using extended connection strings with Oracle and SQLPlus (Fredrik Acosta).

- Added a new buffer option to specify which filetype dbext should use when parsing the query.  If an existing language already works as you need you can tell dbext to use it via the modeline or DBSetOption (Albie Janse van Rensburg).

- Added an example of a function I use to execute blocks of stored procedures using dbext's commands.

- For PostgreSQL, dbext will check for the existance of a .pgpass file.  If not found, execution will abort and a warning message will be displayed.  By default $HOME/.pgpass will be validated (Frank Schwach).
Bug Fixes
- When closing or deleting buffers it was possible to loose syntax, filetype and hidden settings (Alexey Radkov).

- Parsing VisualBasic and Basic variables let to errors in DB_parseVB (Albie Janse van Rensburg).

- Generating a column list for an ASA database left an extra , at the end of the list.  This also affected the SQLComplete plugin.

I am always open to suggestions, just email me.


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