ANN: dbext 2.30 - Provides database access to 10 databases

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ANN: dbext 2.30 - Provides database access to 10 databases

David Fishburn
I have completed the latest update to the dbext.vim plugin (2.30).

As usual, if you have new feature requests or bug reports, please send them
my way.


dbext.vim : Provides database access to 10 databases (Oracle, Sybase, SQL
Server, MySQL,...)

This plugin contains functions/mappings/commands to enable Vim to access
several databases. Currently Mysql, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Oracle, Sybase
Adaptive Server Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Microsoft SQL
Server, DB2, Interbase and SQLite are supported.

dbext provides a common interface between your editor and a database.  If
your company/project moves onto a new database platform, there is no need to
learn the new databases tools.  Without leaving Vim while editing your SQL
you can excute database commands, run queries, display results, and view
database objects.  dbext understands various programming languages, and can
parse and prompt the user for [host] variables and execute the resulting

This release includes the folllowing:

 New Features
- The result window has a local buffer mapping 'R', which will 'refresh' the
window.  This means it will re-run the previous statement which is useful if
you are repeatedly checking something in the database.
- SQL Anywhere (ASA) no longer relies on the jcatalogue tables to be
installed in the database.  System views are used instead.
- Support for MySQL 5.0 has been added, which includes stored procedures and
views (as much as the beta allowed).
- For Postgress SQL you can now optionally enter an owner name to filter by
when showing list of objects (tables, procedures, views).

Bug Fixes
- The alternate-file is no longer changed the first time the result buffer
is opened.
- Using DB2 with db2cmd incorrectly specified the command terminator with
td, instead of -t.
- On win32 platforms, if the bin_path has been specified for DB2, then add
this to the system path since db2cmd relies on other batch files to operate
- The connection string is displayed by both the Result buffer (first line)
and the titlestring to the buffer (if enabled).  This was not correctly
appending the user used to connect to the database.
- When parsing Vim scripts we did not correctly remove a leading line
continuation slash from the from of a query.