ANN: dbext.vim version 25.00 - Database access from within Vim

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ANN: dbext.vim version 25.00 - Database access from within Vim

David Fishburn-2
What is it?
dbext.vim : Provides database access to most databases.

This plugin contains functions/mappings/commands to enable Vim to
access several databases. Currently Mysql, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Oracle,
Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise,
Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, RDB,  SAP HANA, Crate.IO and Interbase 
are supported.  If you have a Perl enabled Vim, it also allows database 
connections via DBI and ODBC.

It abstracts database access, so the same Vim commands will produce
the same output regardless of the database you use.

Extensive help file with full tutorials.

 New Features
- Added support for using Vim's Job / Channel feature for asynchronous execution.  If the job fails to start, the usual synchronous way of launching the process happens (after displaying a message).  The main purpose for this feature is to allow you to continue editing your files while waiting for the results from SQL statements to complete.  Prior to Vim's Job feature, this was a synchronous process which could interrupt your development needlessly.

- New commands DBJobStatus, DBJobStop, DBJobTimerStart, DBJobTimerStop.

- New options g:dbext_default_use_jobs defaults to 1 (enabled),  g:dbext_default_job_status_update_ms defaults to 2000. 

 Bug Fixes
 - None

I am always open to suggestions, just email me.  See :h dbext.txt for contact details.


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