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Adjusted list of features to vote on

Bram Moolenaar

Greetings, Vim users!

Vim sponsors and registered Vim users can vote for features.  The result
can be seen here:

Vim 7.0 has added a number of features that still appeared in the voting
list.  I have now updated the list to reflect the Vim 7.0 features.

Removed features:
- add tabbed windows
- add undo tree (be able to go back to any previous situation)
- add a ":grep" command that does not use an external command
- add option to highlight the screen line (and column) of the cursor

Changed features:
- "add intelligent completion"
  -> "add more and better omni completion plugins"
- "add more features to Vim scripting (arrays, lists, sorting, etc.)"
  -> "add more features to Vim scripting"
- "add more autocommand events (for ":cd", start Insert mode, etc.)"
  -> "add more autocommand events (for ":cd", jump to tag, etc.)"
- "add on-the-fly spell checking"
  -> "improve on-the-fly spell checking"

If you voted for one of these, please go to the voting pages and adjust
your votes:  You need to login.

Happy Vimming!

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Barbie.  It comes with all of Ken's stuff.

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