Another way to write ftplugin in order to optimized

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Another way to write ftplugin in order to optimized

Ni Va

I've written this ftplugin for awl language.

Is it possible to reduce time of folding because I have to work on files that contains many lines 130000 about and then many sections to fold.

I think the vimscript can be optimized :

function! GetFold(lnum)
        let currentLine = getline(a:lnum)
        let nextLine    = getline(a:lnum+1)
        if (currentLine =~ '\v^FUNC')
                                \ || (currentLine =~ '\v^DATA')
                                \ || (currentLine =~ '\v^TYPE')
                                \ || (currentLine =~ '\v^ORGA')
                return '>1'

Thank you


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