Anyone using interoutline links on Windows RIGHT NOW?

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Anyone using interoutline links on Windows RIGHT NOW?

Steve Litt
Hi all,

I need to write scripts to convert old style tagging:


to new style linking:


One script finds all the files that needs conversion (basically I use the
recursion methods in, and the other does the actual

If everybody currently using interoutline linking is using Linux/Unix/BSD, I
can quickly clone to do the recursion, and make a quick awk
routine to do the conversion. AFAIK, every Linux/Unix/BSD machine has both
Perl and awk. However, if there are Windows people that need this conversion,
we run into issues of having to install Perl and awk, and might want to do it

I expect to write these conversion routines within a week, assuming we decide
to support _lnk_myoutline.otl on a single line.

So, if you're using interoutline linking on Windows (I don't mean just
starting today, I mean using, presumably through citrix or whatever), please
let me know ASAP.



Steve Litt
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