ApplePressAndHoldEnabled issues for hold and repeat keys for vim on Macos

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ApplePressAndHoldEnabled issues for hold and repeat keys for vim on Macos

Haodong Du
Hello VIMers,

Holding h j k l keys sometimes does not trigger repeated keys on Mac. Instead, some strange behaviors happen. I'm using the vim 8.2.1972 coming with Macos 11.2.1 Big Sur. I read a lot of questions asked about this issue, but they are all about VIM mode extension for IDEs like vscode. It is suggested to run something like ``defaults write ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false``. But this cannot work with command line VIM! Even setting the global defaults does not help. Any mac vim users having this issue? Maybe switching to MacVim can help. But I really don't want to do so since the stock version of vim serves me well except for this issue.

I found out how it works after writing the email. Since I didn't find any message on this by searching, I will send this out as a record. You have to set it for the terminal app you are using. Specifically, I'm using Alacritty (io.alacritty). It was really dumb of me not to realize this. iTerm seems not affected. 

Haodong Du

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