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Avoid quickfix override

Cristo García
I use linters (plugins like ALE), which use the quickfix window every time I enter a buffer or every time I edit the text, when I compile my program and I get a list of warnings and/or errors and I jump to one of them the quickfix get overrode by the linter plugin.

I know I can use :colder, :cnewer and :chistory, the problem is that sometimes the quickfix with the info of the compiler get wipe out when I do enough jumps and not to mention that it's too tedious being all the time switching between quickfix.

For now my idea is to turn off the quickfix every time I compile and turn it back with a command or a map when I am finish, but this is obviously a workaround.

Does someone of you got a better idea?, It would be great if the artist plugin has access to one instance of the quickfix and only his plugin can override that instance or give the user the possibility of locking one quickfix so when you open the quickfix window you always see the one you locked and make sure it doesn't get override.  

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