Change in Quickfix/Location list window buffer management

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Change in Quickfix/Location list window buffer management

Yegappan Lakshmanan
Hi all,

Patches 8.1.0877 and 8.1.1015 changed the way the quickfix/location list
window buffers are managed.

Before these patches, whenever the quickfix window is opened, a
quickfix buffer is created. When the quickfix window is closed, the
quickfix buffer is wiped out. This results in a new quickfix buffer
every time the quickfix window is closed and opened.  The same applies
to the location list window.

Patch 8.1.0877 changed this behavior so that the quickfix buffer is
not wiped out, instead it is reused. A separate buffer is used for each
location list window. The location list buffer is wiped out when the
location list is deleted. When the quickfix/location list window is
closed, the buffer is unlisted. This change helps in minimizing the
churn in the buffer numbers.

Let me know if you see any issues with this change.


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