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Colorscheme problems



on my tablet I installed a chrooted Linux, and on that Linux I installed
(of course) vim.

While experimenting with colorschemes (the color rendering is a little
very different from my PC) I noticed some
"features" which seem a little weird for me...explanations are very
(I am using vim, no gvim here)

* Regardless what colorscheme is loaded, the cursor color is a very dimm
and dark red background with black foreground.
* When I insert 'colorscheme phd' in the .vimrc as the only colorscheme
command and start vim after that, the colorscheme
does not load / colors are not changed. Giving the command
:colorscheme, I get 'phd' back.
Giving the command :colorscheme phd manually loads the colorscheme AND
changes the colors accordingly (beside the color of
the cursor (see above))
Other colorschemes are not affected from this "feature" ;)

The terminal from which I starts vim is a 256-color one and test scripts
seem to verify that.

I am a little clueless on that...why is the cursor insisting on its
nearly undectable color settings?
And why gets the 'phd' gets loaded only manually ?

Any help is very appreciated...Thanks a lot in advance!

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