Composing Troubleshooting courseware tests with VO

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Composing Troubleshooting courseware tests with VO

Steve Litt
Hi all,

I've recently been asked to provide my troubleshooting course in distance
learning format. So of course I'll need chapter tests.

My thought is that when the student answers a question about troubleshooting,
the next question will be "why did you pick that answer". So I'll have a

                Question 1. Why do you perform diagnostic tests?
                        a. To justify your solution
                                a. Because the bosses ask for it
                                        Read sections 3 and 5
                                b. Because customers demand it
                                        Read sections 3 and 5
                                c. Because I'm a professional
                                        Read sections 3 and 8
                        b. To rule out part of the system
                                a. Because the system contains components
                                        Read section 3
                                b. Because diagnostic tests split interactions
                                c. Because diagnostic tests correct the problem
                                        Read sections 3 and 14
                        c. To figure out how the system is built
                                a. Because troubleshooting is all about learning
                                        Read section 3
                                b. Because systems change over time
                                        Read sections 3 and 9
                                c. Because that's what professionals do
                                        Read section 3

VO is exactly the way to build this hierarchy because it's fast for a touch
typist. Once the outline's the way I want it, I run a script to put it into a
data table usable by the web app that presents the questions and runs the

Pretty kewl, huh?


Steve Litt
Author: Universal Troubleshooting Process books and courseware
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