CoreText rendering artefacts at the cursor position (MacVim)

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CoreText rendering artefacts at the cursor position (MacVim)

Ярослав Матейко
Hi guys!
Can someone help me with this strange MacVim rendering issue?
I'm using horizontal cursor usually (it's a bit harder to notice this artefact using vertical cursor) and it is a bit strange that the character at the cursor position renders a bit bolder (stronger) than others during blink stage and while cursor moves (cursor is always visible while you're moving).
This happens while I'm using Insert mode (but this may be present in other modes as well).
To make it simple: the character at the cursor position blinks a bit with cursor (vertical or horizontal bar) itself.
It's easy to spot this issue with zero chars `0` and small font size.
The thing is, this issue is present only with CoreText rendering, with old rendering engine it's not present at all.
I feel like the cause of this issue is somewhere near the MMCoreTextView.m but can't find it.
I've tried to reset vim settings to defaults, but no luck.
Also, Windows GUI version doesn't have this problem.

this problem may be present with other editor modes, but it isn't easy to spot this, especially with revert background block in Normal mode.

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