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Cream and MacVim

Erik Zoltan
Is MacVim designed to be fully compatible with gvim, or are there known functional differences between MacVim and gvim? I am having issues with something that's known to work on gvim but doesn't seem to function on MacVim.

Here's why I'm asking.

Cream ( is a set of vim scripts that allow the user to toggle gvim back and forth between vim-like behavior and the keybindings found in most other editors. Cream is designed to work with gvim by passing command-line arguments that change the server name and invoke the cream scripts. I have been trying to get Cream to work with MacVim but I'm not having much luck.  Cream has been around for a long time and runs on Windows and Linux. It used tor un on Mac under gvim. So this isn't something new.

Cream is Mac-like in philosophy, so it's ironic that it runs everywhere else but not on Mac. I would love to see if I can get this running, but I don't know enough about MacVim to attempt this without someone to support me.


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