Custom Macros that Behave Like 't' and 'f'

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Custom Macros that Behave Like 't' and 'f'

Jason Franklin

I'm working on a plugin that I believe will be helpful to a great many Vim users.  Right now, I need a method for developing a macro that is entered and then takes a character to operate on as its final component.  This idea is most similar to the way users enter the 't' and 'f' commands in Normal mode.

The closest I've come to this behavior is the following (inspired by reading ":h map-expr"):

nnoremap <expr> \e ':echo "\"' . nr2char(getchar(0)) . '\""' . "\<CR>"
nnoremap <expr> \ee ':echo '"e"'<CR>'

This macro will echo any character that follows '\e' in Normal mode.  When you enter '\e', the macro does not patiently wait as with 't' and 'f', it times out like a standard mapping.

If this is not possible, it would make some sense given the way that normal user mappings behave, but I would greatly appreciate a consistent and reasonable "Vim way" to make this work.

Best to all,

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