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Nicholas Cole
Dear List,

This is a problem I know that I solved once upon a time, but I am
setting up a new computer, and have lost my old vim settings.

I need to have a spelling dictionary working that uses the Oxford OED
spellings (i.e. traditional British academic spelling.  'colour',
'analyse', 'theorize').

Several dictionary files exist for these spellings, including from here:

And the aspell dictionaries from here also include the right files:

But if I try to convert to a Vim spellfile, I just get errors.  I've tried:

:mkspell! en_GB-oed ~/Desktop/hunspell-en_GB-ize-2016/en_GB-ize.aff

but this produces the error: "Output file must not have a region name"

If I try a different filename I get the error: "Invalid Region Name in

So my question is:

- How do I build the right file?
- How do I install it and select it for use?

Help would be really, really appreciated.

Best wishes,


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