December again

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December again

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vim users,

I have created the Vim desktop calendar for 2008.  You can find three
versions (English Letter, English A4, Dutch A4) here:

This time of year many people give presents.  In case you would like to
make a child in Uganda happy, consider giving it a present:

In case you are ordering presents at Amazon, don't forget to use the
ICCF search page.  Then about 5% of the sales goes to help Vim's charity
project.  It doesn't cost you anything.

Happy Vimming!

$ echo pizza > /dev/oven

 /// Bram Moolenaar -- [hidden email] --   \\\
///        sponsor Vim, vote for features -- \\\
\\\        download, build and distribute --        ///
 \\\            help me help AIDS victims --    ///

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