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Hi Vimmers!

In the latest snapshot of gvim 7 (which I have just compiled and
uploaded, see ), the
default Visual highlight has changed from light grey to dark blue
background ("let's call it a feature" ;-) ).

Here's the new colorscheme I am now using. You may want to use it as a
"source of inspiration" for lightweight colorschemes not very different
from the default (the part outside the comments is taken from the
"default" colorscheme):

--- ~/vimfiles/colors/almost-default.vim ---
hi clear Normal
set bg&
hi clear

" start of non-default highlight settings
hi Visual guibg=#EEEEEE
hi Error guibg=Red guifg=Black
" end of highlight settings

if exists("syntax_on")
        syntax reset

let colors_name = "almost-default"

Happy Vimming!