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Zbigniew Kowalski
Dear vimmers,

I think a similiar problem has been posted already but no reply
has come. I get error E484 while loading tagsmenu plugin on startup ,
the error message seems to point to such place in code:

     " create and switch to a new, temporary buffer.
     silent execute "badd " . s:bufferName
     silent execute "sbuffer " . s:bufferName <- HERE

when i do the same thing from inside Vim (manualy after it has
been started) it works fine.
I'm runnig VIM 6.3 on Win XP. The plugin is:
" Tags Menu for Vim: plugin to make a menu of tags in the current file
" Tagged Release Name: $Name: release-0_93 $
The www for the plugin is not valid anymore.
Has anybody came across similiar case?


Zbigniew Kowalski