FTP/netrw has trouble with spaces

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FTP/netrw has trouble with spaces

Jason Young
I'm using netrw v62, and I'm having trouble accessing files and
directories with spaces in them.
I've tried to access the following:

/Some/Directory/With Spaces/blah.txt

vi "ftp://ftp.example.org//Some/Directory/With Spaces/blah.txt"
vi "ftp://ftp.example.org//Some/Directory/With\ Spaces/blah.txt" (note
the escape)

I've tried with multiple escapes (up to 6!), multiple quotation marks..
even a %20 which I knew wouldn't work.

My company's not going to just rename a directory for my benefit... is
there -any- way I can access files and directories that contain spaces?

Thank you