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Andrew Long

On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 21:36 +0200, A. J. Mechelynck wrote:
> Andrew Long wrote:
> > This PROBABLY isn't a VIM question, but what the hell...

I was right... it wasn't a VIM problem. The problem was in the clock on
the file server... it's set about 15 minutes slow, so all the dae/times
are out of whack from my PC (which is about 3 minutes fast anyway) so
it's up to my network team to fix it..... which means I can wait until
christmas to get it fixed (which year, I don't know :( )


> >
> > At work I use vim under cygwin to edit files, and RCS to maintain an
> > audit trail of the editing. The files all reside on a Novel cluster
> > server.
> >
> > I'm having problems with rcsclean, where it decides not to clean up
> > files that haven't actually changed since I checked them in. Say I've
> > been editing file fred.scl... I transfer the file to my mainframe for
> > compilation and test runs. When I have a clean test run I check the file
> > in from within vim with ':!ci -l -m"message" fred.scl', which updates
> > the repository file. However, the timestamp on the check in seems to be
> > associated with an earlier time than the actual check-in time, and so
> > rcslcean never considers the file as a candidate for cleaning (except
> > when it does... :( infrequently!)
> >
> > I've tried doing this both within and outside vim, with mixed results.
> > I'm not sure if perhaps there's something that Vim is doing to the file
> > after the check-in but before the end of th editing session.
> >
> > I'd appreciate any ideas for getting diagnostics on this one
> >
> > Regards, Andy
> >
> To update the datestamp on a file even if the file contents haven't
> changed, use the "touch" utility on Unix or cygwin.
> >From inside Vim:
> :exe '!touch' expand('%') | exe '!ci -l -m"message"' expand('%')
> (all on a single line, notwithstanding how my browser or yours may have
> "beautified" the above).
> or even
> :map <F4> :exe '!touch' expand('%') <Bar> exe '!ci -l -m"message"'
> expand('%')<CR>
> (all on one line again) then just hit F4 to do it all.
> HTH,
> Tony.