Handling v:count in popup filters

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Handling v:count in popup filters

How do you handle counts with a popup menu filter?

Something like this almost works:

    let s:n =  0
    fun MyFilter(winid, key)
      if a:key == '+'
        let s:n += v:count1
        call popup_settext(a:winid, printf('Value: %d', s:n))
        return 1
      return 0

    let id = popup_create('Value: 0',
          \ #{ close: 'button',
          \    border:[1,1,1,1],
          \    filter: 'MyFilter'})

I can type, say, 5+ to have the counter increased by 5.

Unfortunately, v:count1 is not cleared after that, so if I type 3+ next,
the counter is increased by 53 instead of 3. Is there a workaround?


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