Hello I'm back (and compiling again)

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Hello I'm back (and compiling again)

Hi Vimmers!

Sorry I've had to stay in hospital (with no Internet access) for
somewhat over two weeks, and couldn't give you a warning. Now I'm back.

First thing I did was to update my software versions. A couple of
compiles have just been rolling (6.3.078 and 7.00aa.0094 for W32), the
last one of them was uploaded a few seconds ago. (The 6.3.077 and
6.3.078 patches seem to be VMS-specific anyway so I guess you don't need
to do anything if you already had the 6.3.076.)

As before, find links to my Win32 executables under "My 'changes'
distro" (for 6.3) and "The experimental Vim 7" (for Vim 7.00aa) on my
"Vim" page, http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/vim/

*!!!* Read the text before downloading *!!!*

Happy Vimming!