Help for Lua interface: use of $ character?

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Help for Lua interface: use of $ character?

Tony Mechelynck
In the Lua interface help, does the $ character mean a desired change of
highlighting? Example:

All these commands execute a Lua chunk from either the command line
(:lua and
:luado) or a file (:luafile) with the given line [range]. Similarly to
the Lua
interpreter, each chunk has its own scope and so only global variables are
shared between command calls. Lua default libraries$table$,$string$,$math$,
and$package$are available,$io$and$debug$are not, and$os$is restricted to
functions$date$,$clock$,$time$,$difftime$, and$getenv$. In addition,
Lua$print$function has its output redirected to the Vim message area, with
arguments separated by a white space instead of a tab.

If it does, and it is desired to keep it, then I guess syntax/help.vim
needs an overhaul.

... I don't have the address of Luis Carvalho.

Best regards,
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