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Help with indenting code

I would like to indent code structured as follows:

    if X then
        if Y then

To make Python look like a language that is easy to indent, this
language has `if... then... [else]` blocks without `endif`.

I get can get it almost right, except that the last `else` above gets
aligned with `if Y then`. The relevant snippet from my indent script
currently looks as follows:

    fun! s:find_pair(pstart, pmid, pend)
      call cursor(v:lnum, 1)
      call search(a:pend, 'Wc')
      return indent(searchpair(a:pstart, a:pmid, a:pend, 'bWn'))

    " And in my indentation function:

    if getline(v:lnum) =~# '\<else\>'
      return s:find_pair('\<then\>', '', '\<else\>')

    if getline(v:lnum) =~# '^\s*)'
      return s:find_pair('(', '', ')')

Any idea how I could take into account the blocks in parentheses when
matching `else` with its corresponding `if... then`?


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