How to use stop directory in up/down search

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How to use stop directory in up/down search

Ben Fritz
I'm struggling to understand how to use "stop directories" in a combined upward/downward search.

I have the following directory layout:

| nosearch/
| | file.txt
| stopdir/
| | somedir/

I expect these commands in Vim to NOT find the file "file.txt", because the search should stop at "stopdir" and avoid searching the "nosearch" directory:

:cd /home/user/test/stopdir/somedir
:echo findfile('file.txt', '**;/home/user/test/stopdir')
However, instead I get the output:


Likewise, if I do the following:

:set path=**;/home/user/test/stopdir
:find file.txt

Then file.txt is edited.

What am I doing wrong? I thought I'm doing just about exactly what's documented in the help under :help starstar, item 3) "Combined up/downward search".

Tested in a "HUGE" 8.0.987 build on both Windows 10 and an Xubuntu VM.

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