Is ANSI C support still needed?

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Is ANSI C support still needed?

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vimmers,

For a long time Vim code was made to be compiled with ANSI C (also known
as C89 and ISO C90).  This means it can also be compiled on very old
systems.  And since it wasn't too much work to support it, that was the

Now that we are adding checks for C89 compliance, it turns out that we
already are using some C99 features, such as the "long long" type.
Also, many libraries produce warnings when enforcing C89.  That means
using C89 is starting to become a hassle.  So, the question comes up: is
it still worth it?

If you CANNOT build Vim with a C99 compiler, please speak up!
If I don't hear about such cases, I think we are better off using C99 as
the standard.

Note that if we go with C99, we still need to decide what features we
will actually use, since C99 compliance was lacking for quite a while
(esp. in MS-Visual C).  That's not going to make this easier.

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