Issue on vim on Yosemite with ruby

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Issue on vim on Yosemite with ruby

Grégory Bataille
Hey everyone,

So I have a problem :)
I have witnessed it on yosemite, but since I had not done ruby in a while, it might not be related.

The problem:
If I type any ruby command (and YouCompleteMe uses them) in vim, like :ruby -v, I get a SEGV error and am kicked out.

My setup:
OSX Yosemite
ruby 2.1.3 inside RVM, with PATH properly setup (checked doing echo $PATH in a terminal and :!echo $PATH inside vim)
zsh with oh-my-zsh (but I can trigger the issue on bash too, so does not seem related)
vim compiled with homebrew, version 7.4.488 (last version used to test)

I saw a few posts on which version of ruby homebrew was using and stuff like that. By adding a few debug info in the vim formula, I made sure the RVM ruby 2.1.3 was used, so I don't think there is an issue on that side.

Frankly I have no idea what to do to go further.

Any clues to help me?


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