Jagger's daughter became the face of Thomas Sabo Christmas

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Jagger's daughter became the face of Thomas Sabo Christmas

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German Thomas Sabo UK jewelry boutique announced model Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall, the official ambassador and face of its brand.

On the Internet there were first shots advertising campaign, sponsored by renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

"The story of the campaign about how a girl going to a party at home. We had to show her jewelry, but naturally, without posturing. At the same time I wanted to add the English spirit and rock -and-roll, which is the epitome of Georgia", - told Ellen von Unwerth.

Brand new Thomas Sabo Christmas collection called «Karma» and consists of 72 beads. The design of each original. Beads can be used to create new jewelry. Within the collection of Karma brand Thomas Sabo has released a new silver necklace and bracelet.

Campaign launch was held in Café Royal in London, it was attended by itself Georgia May Jagger, the company founder Thomas Sabo and creative director Suzanne Coble.

"The word «Karma» I understand simple: do good , and it will return to you," - says Georgia May Jagger on the collection. "We decided to cooperate with Georgia in the spring - said Suzanne Coble. - Then we chose Ellen for her immense talent to photograph women. We wanted to Georgia girl remained in pictures, but the features of a femme fatale without a hint of vulgarity - it is not easy to implement."

Previously, the role of the Ambassador Thomas Sabo Charms performed by Katy Perry and Poppy Delevin. New jewelry collection will go on sale in February 2014. In addition, in the near future are expected three advertising campaigns involving Georgia May Jagger and Ellen von Unwerth.