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LaTeX Suite and VIM

Walter Cazzola
Dear VIM Experts,

I'm using vim since several years but I've just installed the LaTeX

The LaTeX Suite has a completation features (associated to the F9 key)
for labels and references that look very useful but it doesn't work.

When I introduce, for example, \label{F9} or \cite{F9} the windows is
horizontally split in three parts, the first one is containing the file
I'm editing whereas the other two windows, that should contain the
alternatives, are filled with a list of "|| Missing }." and entitled
respectively "[Error List]" and "[Error List] [Preview]".

I have set, I hope correctly, the g:Tex_BIBINPUTS variable to refer to
the directory with all my bibtex files but nothing has changed. Moreover
the problem occurs also looking for the labels that are defined inside
the file I'm editing.

Do you have some hints that could help me?

TIA, Walter

PS. I'm using vim 6.3.62 on a linux box.

Walter Cazzola, PhD - Assistant Professor, DICo, University of Milano
E-mail [hidden email] Ph.: +39 010 353 6637  Fax: +39 010 353 6699
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