MacVim as (a kind of) Framework, part II

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MacVim as (a kind of) Framework, part II

Tae Won Ha
Hi, guys.

Some time ago, I did some code-massaging exercise and extracted a
Framework part of MacVim: MacVimFramework target in

I (finally) found some time and included an absolute minimal
proof-of-concept App that uses the Framework: MinimalMacVim target in
the Xcode project. Basically it has one class
(MinimalMacVim/MMAppDelegate.m) which is the delegate for everything.
And for the sake of simplicity it does not handle many things like
resizing the Vim-view properly when a new tab is created.

Over the course of time I'll try to improve the Framework and make it
easier to use. (Eg, some delegate methods should/can be handled

Maybe some other folks will find the Framework useful..



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