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Joseph Retzer-2
Hi All,
  I'm using TeXShop 2.18 (which appears to be the latest version yet the release date claims it came out 9/6/2008, later than I installed it). I'm also assuming my TeXLive is outdate as well, so I need to update both.

I've successfully installed latex-suite which works well in all aspect except compiling/viewing my files (i.e. the \ll command does nothing).

Upon opening a .tex file I get a message:
   No View rule defined for target pdf
   Please specify a rule in $VIMRUNTIME/ftpluging/tex/texrc
      :help Tex_ViewRule_format
     for more information

Looking at the help it seems Mac OS leaves this blank so the system can pick the default program .... so, I'm assuming I can ignore this message.

My quesiton is can someone give me some advice on how to get my .tex file to compile and view using MacVIM and TeXShop/TeXLive?

Many thanks,
Joe Retzer

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