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Maintainer for TTCN-3 plugins

Stefan Karlsson-3
  A couple of years ago I made some plugins for the TTCN-3 language (the
ttcn-* files at "").

Does anybody want to take over the maintainership of these plugins (I
will not use TTCN-3 in the forseable future)?

What needs to be done:

1. ttcn-syntax.vim
   a) Adapt the file to the upcomming ETSI v3.0 specification. (The plugin
      is currently based on ETSI ES201873-1 v2.2.1).
   b) Fix problems, if any, with the Vim 7 spell checking support (I have
      added spell checking of comments).

2. ttcn-indent.vim
   There are some indent problems that needs to be fixed. The  root of
   these problems is that I use cindent as much as possible, but cindent
   does not always work well with the ":=" token.

3. ttcn-plugin.vim (makes gf, [i, ]i, etc. work with TTCN files)
   No problems that I am aware of.

4. ttcn.dict (TTCN-3 keywords -- used for text completion).
   I don't think many people use this file so it could perhaps be

(I know that a  few people -- e.g. the guy who made ctags work for
TTCN-3 -- use these plugins, but unfortunatelly my HD broke down a while
ago and I don't have their email addresses anymore.)

Send me a mail in case you are interested to improve these plugins.

-- Stefan