Matchit.vim - setting match_words for Pl/SQL

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Matchit.vim - setting match_words for Pl/SQL

Hello Vimmers,

I am using GVIM 6.3 on Win XP for editing pl/sql code.

I have set match_word like this -

:let b:match_words = 'for:end loop,if:else:end if,begin:exception:end'

When I am on word  "BEGIN" and press % it goes to nearest "END IF" or "END
LOOP"  I understand that this happens because I have not specified the
pattern properly. I want help on how I can set it.

Additionally in Pl/SQL we can optionally have name of the procedure
written after the end.


END myProcedure ;

So I think we have to look for pattern where  "END  no if no loop then ; "

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