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Missing cinoption?

Felipe Contreras

The documentation mentions this cino-( default:

  if (c1 && (c2 ||

However, with different levels of unclosed parenthesis I get this:

  if (c1 && c2 ||

  if (c1 && (c2 ||

  if (c1 && ((c2 ||

That's not what I want. I want whatever option I specify in cino-( to
be applied always, regardless of parenthesis levels.

For example, with "noet ts=8 sw=0 cino=(s", I would expect the following:

  advise(_("The pull was not fast-forward, in the future you will have
to choose.\n"
          "To quell this message you have two main options:\n"

Why can't I tell vim to use a single shiftwidth and a single shiftwidth only?


Felipe Contreras

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