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Steve Litt
Hi all,

(I've copied the VimOutliner list because some there have expressed interest
in and, and there are some Rubyists there.)

This is old news to a lot of you, but if any of you manage hierarchies
in-memory, you might like Node.rb:

It has a parser to convert a tab indented outline to a Node tree, and a Walker
object to traverse the Node tree and fire entry and exit callback routines on
all the Node objects.

Note that I've rewritten this in 3 different languages (Perl, Python and
Ruby), so the code doesn't take full advantage of Ruby's unique qualities
because it's a translation from the original perl.

I rewrote my text based menu system, originally, to Ruby umenu.rb:

The umenu.rb is barebones without documentation -- it's just 3 downloadable
files. On my system I substituted umenu.rb for 3 weeks ago, and have
noticed no significant difference.

If anyone has any questions or comments, fire away.

Steve Litt
Founder and acting president: GoLUG
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