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Noel Henson

This is off-topic but I think it applies to the VO community. We're all
about working fast and thinking well.

I believe that everyone can benefit from a speed-reading course; online,
from a computer program, book or otherwise.  In this day and age we are
literally bombarded with information we need to process; even if it's only
to decide that what is being read needs be trashed.

The average reading speed in the US is just over 200 WPM with a lowly 60%
comprehension. Any speed reading course will not only increase your reading
speed, it will, for reasons unknown, increase your comprehension. It is
almost a trivial exercise to double one's speed and increase comprehension
by 30%.

I have personally tried several courses. The best is EYEQ from Infinite
Mind (www.eyeq.tv). It's a little pricy but worth every penny. It includes
something that most others don't: eye exercises. The exercises make all the

I used to read pretty fast. My first EYEQ test was at 640 WPM. Now I read
really fast. My last one was just over 3000. When reading material I've
never seen before, I drop to around 1200. When I'm scanning a page for
a particular word or phrase, I can hit nearly 5000. Your mileage may vary.

Just thought I'd pass this along.



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