[PATCH] Add clipboard support for running without GUI in Mac OS X

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Re: Add clipboard support for running without GUI in Mac OS X

Bram Moolenaar

Björn Winckler wrote:

> >> On 14 July 2010 14:27, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> >> >
> >> > Looking at os_macosx.m, it appears these functions are not used:
> >> >        mch_gettext()
> >> >        mch_bindtextdomain()
> >> >        mch_textdomain()
> >> >
> >> > The whole section with #ifdef USE_MCH_GETTEXT  appears to be unused.
> >>
> >> I have no idea what this has been used for (if anything).  I'd say it
> >> is safe to delete (I started working on localizing MacVim a while ago
> >> and for that patch I would not have any use for these functions).
> >
> > OK.  And how about the section inside #ifdef MACOS_X_ICONVEMU ?
> > I don't see it defined anywhere.
> I can't see what it's used for either.  Is iconv not present on all
> versions of Mac OS X perhaps?  That sounds unlikely -- my guess is
> that this is a leftover from pre-OS X.  (A quick search did not reveal
> anything on this...I could find a man page for iconv from OS X 10.3
> but that was it.)
> I deleted all the leftovers (as well as a TRACE macro from os_mac.h
> that nobody should use anyway) and tried compiling with different
> versions and (as expected) there were no problems.  I've attached a
> patch that also moves the "VimPboardType" variable inside #ifdef
> FEAT_CLIPBOARD, since it is only used there.  I for one would be happy
> to see this dead code removed.

Thanks.  I'll include this.

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