Problems installing Vundle in fresh install of Vim

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Problems installing Vundle in fresh install of Vim

miguel caldas
Hi, I'm trying to to install vim to use as a Python IDE on arch.

I was using this tutorial ( to do it, but ran into some troubles. When I tried to open vim I got the following error messages:

I had earlier tried to install pyflakes through it, but got a very similar type of errors messaging when I tried to install it thorough the Github Vundle tutorial page. This was my second try. This time I tried to install through the above mentioned tutorial, resulting in error, as in the first attempt. The second attempt produced less error messages, but it had much less code, so they probably were as wrong as each other.

In both cases if I ignored the error messages and entered the vim session, if I wrote "PluginInstall", I received the following error message:

"E492: Not and Editor Command: PluginInstall"

This my vimrc:

and this is the tree of my .vim folder:

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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