Problems using v:errmsg

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Problems using v:errmsg

David Woodfall
I'm trying to detect whether or not a g// command worked by checking
v:errmsg. AFAICT this is almost identical to the example to the
example in :help errmsg, although there it is using 'silent! next':

let v:errmsg = ""
silent! g/^>/

if v:errmsg == ""
   silent g/^-- $/
   silent g/^>/
   normal 2o
   normal o
However it doesn't seem to work. Whatever I try, v:errmsg is always
empty so the first part of the if statement will run. I've tried with
and without the '!' and also by using normal instead of silent. Doing
:echomsg v:errmsg or :messages after vim has been invoked will always
be empty too.

Any ideas?



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