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RFC: New cfilter plugin

Yegappan Lakshmanan
Hi all,

Patch 8.1.0311 adds a new optional cfilter.vim plugin to Vim.
A recent runtime update adds additional functionality to this

This plugin provides commands (:Cfilter and :Lfilter) which can
be used to filter entries from a quickfix or a location list.

For example, the command ":Cfilter /mypat/" can be used to
create a new quickfix list from the current quickfix list using
entries with filenames or text matching 'mypat'. The command
":Cfilter! /mypat/" can be used to create a quickfix list with
entries not matching 'mypat'. The ":Lfilter" command operates
on the location list.

To load this plugin, add ":packadd cfilter" to your .vimrc file.

Any comments or suggestions about the new plugin are welcome.


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