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Re: How have you gotten formatoptions+=n to work? (KMM34841991V58528L0KM)

Nikolai Weibull-2
eBay Customer Support wrote:

> Hello Nikolai,
> Thanks for writing! My name is Ryan and I'll be happy to help you today
> with your question.
> After reading your email, I am unclear as to the exact problem you are
> experiencing. I am ready to help you with this issue, but for me to
> help, I need you to send in more information. This will help me answer
> your question correctly. Please send back a detailed explanation of your
> problem and I will reply to you very quickly.
> I appreciated the chance to help you out today. Thank you for writing in
> to eBay Customer Support.


It seems that your email address has been subscribed to the Vim mailing
list at [hidden email].  I posted a question to this list and it seems it
has been forwarded to you as well.  I've forwarded this message to said
mailing list as well, so that the people responsible for this list may
remove you from it (or you may do so yourself by sending a mail to
[hidden email]).  Sorry about this, but I have had nothing to
do with you receiving my inquiry about formatoptions, so I can't help
you any further.

So, to sum it up, my question was not eBay-related in any way, but
thanks for investigating further.  It's good to see that some companies
actually value their customers!,

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