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Steve Litt
On Thursday 30 November 2006 13:35, Matt Young wrote:
> I am looking for a project management suite that will allow me to manage
> a very large linux migration project.  Up untill now I have always used
> a whiteboard and txt files, but now I have a need to share documentation
> and status documents with coworkers and supervisors.  Does anyone
> reccomend any particular Project management software?  What should I be
> looking for in software?

Hi Matt,

When you mention sharing documentation and status docs with others, did you
mean giving them the ability to update them, or just give them read access?
If the former, I'd highly recommend VimOutliner (,
which is MUCH, MUCH faster than any Wiki interface or any web interface.
VimOutliner is 100% keyboard driven, so it's fast enough to write and
organize as fast as you think, and its hierarchical character is ideal for
breaking down large projects to subprojects and tasks. VimOutliner is an
outline processor that has the following features:

* Expand/Collapse
* Promote/Demote
* Interoutline linking (hierarchy of separate outlines)
* Executable lines (linking to WP docs, graphics, sounds, spreadsheets)
* Body text
* Checkboxes with completion percentages

Although it's not true groupware (yet), using interoutline linking and cvs or
rcs, you can have others check out and check back in suboutlines, thereby
delegating. Therefore, even if others need write access to the system, as
long as you can partition individual outlines by writer, VimOutliner will do
the job for you.

If you know how to use the Vim editor (or even generic vi), you know 90% of
VimOutliner and can be productive with it within 2 hours. Once again, unlike
other software, "productive" in VimOutliner means the ability to record your
thoughts in real time.

I'm copying the VimOutliner list in case they have anything to add.


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